B&R SuperTrak

B&R's new generation of flexible magnetic, levitation conveying system SuperTrak, can realize small-batch, low-cost production, achieve a positioning accuracy of 10μm, and provide a trolley movement speed of 4 meters per second. In the era of more personalized production, B&R SuperTrak's high reliability, high positioning accuracy, humanized and easy-to-maintain design, and efficient operation can bring revolutionary improvements to the user's production system.

  • Each pallet has a separate docking position
  • Variable product spacing
  • Completely flexible product delivery and handling
  • Can realize any batch of high-efficiency production
  • Ability to produce batch size 1
  • SuperTrak is suitable for electronic manufacturing, the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage, and other applications that require flexible production processing and assembly. It can provide maximum production flexibility to achieve "mass customization" and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

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