System integration

We provide customers with integrating the entire production line system, switchboards/control boxes, system program design, and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design services. According to customer needs, we integrate professional machine tools from different manufacturers used in each stage of the production process to optimize the efficiency of the production line.

Chuwei Technology is a reliable development and production partner for customers. Our core competitiveness is to use electronic control components from ABB, a major European manufacturer. As an ABB valued supplier, we have the technical support and guarantee of the original manufacturer, regardless of the stability And durability are the highest grades.

System integration services cover the entire production process, from control circuit design and assembly, control component procurement, control software writing, human-machine interface architecture, quality control, system installation, testing, and final after-sales service.

Service Process

  • Confirmation request


    • Confirm client’s demand

    • Automation system planning

    • Design revise and confirm

  • Sign the contract


    • Quotation

    • Sign a contract

  • System construction


    • System building

    • System practice

    • Design change

    • System Installation

  • Production practice


    • Acceptance of work


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