Customize assembly line building

We find a way to automate your production process. The production line adds that automation solutions will optimize customers’ production capacity. There are two ways to upgrade the production line. Follow the original manufacturing process and replace labor with robotic arms, or redesign the manufacturing process and customize the automation workstation. To achieve the Human-Robot Collaboration, help replace repetitive and high-risk tasks. Our work begins with selecting the technology and the design and development, and only then do we reach the necessary production line or equipment production, testing, installation, and user training. Our key strength is a broad approach to solving based problems, which means that we think with the customer and offer new ideas to improve the efficiency of the production process. Not only do we manufacture devices based on the customer’s wishes, but we also think out of the box to find ways to increase the customer’s efficiency.

Service Process

  • Confirmation request


    • confirm client’s demand

    • automation system planning

    • design revise and confirm

  • Sign the contract


    • quotation

    • sign a contract

  • System construction


    • assembly line building

    • Assembly line practice

    • design change

    • Assembly installation

  • Production practice


    • acceptance of work


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