Company Profile

Moving towards the era of Intelligent Industry 4.0, the trend of future commodities is small amounts with diversification. In this constantly changeable era, CHUWEI Technology adheres to the philosophy of “changing” as the design concept. In system integration and planning, we combine ABB's advanced low-voltage inverters to upgrade the equipment to the future factory mode.

CHUWEI Technology Co., Ltd. will adhere to the business direction of “professional technology, energy-efficient, customer need first, and substantial profits” to continue protecting the environment and providing better services to our customers in the future.

  • Customized automation equipment
  • ABB Medium and low voltage series inverter products: ACS150, ACS355, ACS580, ACS880.
  • ABB Medium and low voltage series inverters (repair, maintenance, customized inverter optimization panels), Industrial robots, medium/low voltage series motors.
  • B&R Industrial computer, single-point/multi-touch human-machine interface (HMI), Programmable controller (PLC), IO module system (Remote IO), Visual recognition system, Motion control, Flexible conveying SuperTrak, Flexible conveying AcoposTrak, Security module, System Remote monitoring and maintenance (Production data collection OPC UA).
  • WAGO Automation products, Power supplies, UPS, Various terminal blocks, Male and female connectors, Programmable controller (PLC), IO module system (Remote IO), HUB.

Company history

  • May 2020

    We obtained ISO 9001-2015 certification.

  • October 2019

    Reorganized to【Chuwei Technology Co., Ltd.】

  • May 2018

    Awarded ABB AVP certification.

  • March 2017

    Established" Equipment R&D Department"

  • July 2015

    Established China Dongguan Business Department.

  • March 2015

    Preparation for Chin Dongguan Business Department.

  • December 2012

    Established "Taiyu Division"

  • January 2012

    Established" System Design Department"

  • October 2011

    Chuwei Technology Co., LLC. was established