ABB inverter maintenance and repair

Chuwei Technology is an ABB value provider. Our engineering team is experienced in maintenance and repairing ABB inverters, original technical support, and a variety of ABB inverter testing equipment. It can assist customers in troubleshooting related faults of ABB inverters and detecting the status of the inverter. In addition to testing and troubleshooting, maintenance is also one of the necessary items. Therefore, Chuwei Technology will arrange maintenance schedules for customers by ABB's original factory regulations. Inspection and maintenance.

Inverter repair and maintenance services, from on-site inspection and quotation to follow-up repairs, replacement of original parts, and most importantly, regular maintenance, help customers maintain ABB inverters in their best condition and extend their service life of the equipment.

Service Process

  • Check and repair on site


    • Check quotation

    • Check and repair

    • Repair items and parts confirmation

  • Sign the contract


    • quotationQ

    • Sign the contract

  • Inverter maintenance


    • Replacement of spare parts

    • Troubleshooting

  • Acceptance


    • Inverter acceptance

    • Regular maintenance


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