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Chuwei Technology was awarded the ABB value provider in 2008. As a technical ABB agent, we serve the Rubber and Plastic Industry, conveyor, and printer equipment industry. We concentrate on ABB inverters, robotic arms, B&R, WAGO products, and customized automation lines.

Chuwei Technology has served in the automation industry for ten years, and we accumulated rich experience in industrial applications and cultivated local technical service teams. Last few years, we have provided instant, reliable, and professional technical service for Taiwan Endurance CO., LTD., Entegris, Inc., Labelmen machinery CO., LTD., and Pi Hong Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., etc.

CHUWEI Technology Co., Ltd. will adhere to the business direction of “Professional technology, energy-efficient, customer need first, and substantial profits” to continue protecting the environment and providing better services to our customers in the future.


  • High-quality and complete system process planning

    Customized automation equipment (customized equipment for various industries, designed according to customer needs, and assist customers in planning the automation needs of the entire factory for consistent production and sales.

  • Cooperation with the most advanced automation equipment brand in Europe

    ABB is the most advanced automation equipment brand in Europe. Juwei cooperates with ABB and uses automation equipment imported from Europe to create high-quality and advanced customized systems and high-quality stable machines for customers.

  • The most worthwhile quality

    Although ABB's inverters and robotic arms are more expensive than Japanese or Taiwanese inverters and arms, it is like comparing BMW with TOYOTA. The price paid is absolutely proportional to the quality obtained.

Products and Services

Service Process

  • Confirmation request


    • confirm client’s demand

    • automation system planning

    • design revise and confirm

  • Sign the contract


    • quotation

    • sign a contract

  • System construction


    • system building

    • system practice

    • design change

    • system Installation

  • Production practice


    • acceptance of work

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