B&R HMI touch screen

B&R HMI touch screen or function keys provide comfortable and straightforward operation. The bright display has a wide viewing angle and can provide an excellent preview of the status of all machines and systems. The wide range of products series is the best solution for specific industries such as the food industry and customized applications.

  • The panel is the core component, and it becomes the Automation Panel by adding a modular Smart Display Link receiver.
  • Using Smart Display Link 3 opens up more possibilities for extending the distance and simplifying wiring.
  • Equipped with a safe shutdown torque output function (SIL3) as standard.
  • Quickly replace the damaged display without replacing the entire Panel PC.
  • The design of B&R human-machine interface HMI can be widely used in human-machine interfaces in the industry of food, beverage, material handling, lifting, textile, printing, rubber, plastics, etc.


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Automation Panel 5000 swing arm multi-touch Automation Panel multi-touch
Automation Panel - Hygienic stainless steel design Smart Display Link 3
Mobile Panel 7200 Automation Panel 900
Keypad modules
Automation Panel 5000 swing arm single-touch Automation Panel single-touch
Automation Panel - Hygienic stainless steel design, swing arm Smart Display Link 4
Mobile Panel 7100 series Automation Panel 800
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