Observe the high-speed precision open-closed loop control of machines and systems-with attractive prices. B&R removed this apparent ownership and made its control system highly scalable, and B&R can use a platform to cover. All requirements-from the smallest controller to CNC, robotics, and process control applications.

  • The performance range is up to Intel® Atom™ CPU, and the X20 system can handle tasks of all sizes. With a unique "plug-in" design, the system is very compact and highly modular. Ideally, integrated field bus connections provide a high degree of freedom for decentralized machine and system concepts. In addition, the platform can also be programmed and configured-no matter what hardware is used-through Automation Studio. This compatibility reduces development costs and ensures the investment safety of the machine throughout its life cycle.
  • B&R industrial computers are widely used in various industries. With a complete product line, you can find industrial computer models corresponding to their respective industries. Users deeply love their durability and stability.


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X20CP3684 X20CP1684
X20CP3685 X20CP1685
X20CP3686X X20CP3687X
X90CP174.48-S1 X90CP172.24-00
X90CP172.48-00 X90CP174.24-00
X90CP174.48-00 X90BC124.32-00
X90AISG0.02-00 X90AO410.04-00
X90AO410.08-00 X90PO210.08-00
X90RO440.04-S1 X90RO440.05-00
X90DI110.10-00 X90AT910.04-00
X90AT910.08-00 X90CM480.04-00
X90DSI00.04-00 X90IF720.04-00
X90IF730.04-00 X90SM546.02-00

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