ABB IRB 360 series are designed for swift-picking applications and have been optimized for packaging tasks. These robots deliver exceptional motion performance with short cycle times, high precision, and the capacity to handle heavy loads. The IRB 360 series includes versions with effective payloads of 1kg, 3kg, 6kg, and 8kg, and their working ranges can extend up to 800mm, 1130mm, and 1600mm, catering to various needs. The IRB 360 boasts robust motion control performance, high precision, and quick cycle times. Whether operating in tight or spacious environments, the IRB 360 can run at high speeds with minimal tolerances. The redesigned tool flange facilitates each FlexPicker in accommodating larger fixtures, enabling the rapid handling of flow-packaged products on conveyor belts.

  • High Speed and Flexibility
  • Up to 8kg Payload
  • Designed for Food Safety and Washable for Industry Applications
  • Outstanding Tracking Performance
  • Integrated Visual Software
  • Food Handling Application: The metal components used in food handling applications are IP69K certified, allowing them to withstand industrial cleaning agents and high-pressure hot water washdowns. The robot's smooth, washable surface and lubrication-free joints exhibit strong corrosion resistance.
  • Quick Material Handling and Sorting: Designed for low-weight, irregularly arranged products, the robot excels in tasks such as picking, packing, bagging, and sorting. It is ideal for applications demanding high speed and low cycle times.


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Specifications Payload (kg) Operation range (mm)
IRB 360-1/800 1 800
IRB 360-1/1130 1 1130
IRB 360-3/1130 3 1130
IRB 360-8/1130 8 1130
IRB 360-1/1600 1 1600
IRB 360-6/1600 6 1600

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型號 重複經度At 0.1 kg 重複經度At 1 kg 重複經度At 3 kg 重複經度At 6 kg 重複經度At 8 kg
IRB 360-1/800 - 0.04 mm - - -
IRB 360-1/1130 0.1 mm 0.09 mm 0.06 mm - 0.07 mm
IRB 360-3/1130 0.1 mm 0.09 mm 0.06 mm - 0.07 mm
IRB 360-8/1130 0.1 mm 0.09 mm 0.06 mm - 0.07 mm
IRB 360-1/1600 - 0.03 mm - 0.03 mm -
IRB 360-6/1600 - 0.03 mm - 0.03 mm -

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