ABB IRB 4600

IRB 2400 is a dedicated high-performance robot for process applications where the required accuracies are very demanding. All models offer you inverted mounting capability. The compact design of the IRB 2400 ensures ease of installation. The robust construction and use of minimum parts contribute to high reliability and long intervals between maintenance.

  • ABB has the most comprehensive protection program on the market and it will be even further enhanced with the IRB 4600. Foundry Plus includes IP 67, resistant paint, rust protected mounting flange and protection for molten metal spits on non-moving cables on the rear of the robot and extra protection plates over the floor cable connections on the foot.
  • Arc Welding, Assembly, Material Handling, Machine Tending, Material Removal, Cleaning/Spraying, Dispensing, Packing, Laser Cutting, Laser Welding


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Load(kg) 20 40 45 60
Operation range ((m) 2.50 2.55 20.5 2.05
Repeat positioning longitude(RP)(mm) 0.05 0.06 0.05 0.06
Protection level/optional Standard: IP67 Optional: Casting Expert II, Casting Authority II Same as left Same as left Same as left
Installation method Floor, upside down, inclined and stand Same as left Same as left Same as left

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