CW 7th axis

CW-001 is one of the few high-load-bearing, high-speed, and accurate seventh-axis robotic arms in the Taiwan market, providing greater flexibility in constructing production lines and shortening the production cycle. CW-001 is designed as two modules, one meter long and three meters long, allowing users to add a variety of tracks and stroke lengths for robotics and transmission applications. The modularization of the way dramatically increases the flexibility of use. It can be equipped with a robotic arm, extending the operating range of the robotic arm, achieving the task of one-to-many machines, and maximizing its cost-effectiveness.

  • Excellent lubrication system, significantly reducing the running noise of the slide rail
  • High-precision ABB servo motor provides stable operation and high repeatability
  • The base adopts an adjustable movable foot design, which can adapt to various factory environment adjustments.
  • High protection level designed for harsh environments
  • We design CW-001 to accommodate the needs of various application scenarios of robotic arms.
  • CW-001 is used in product stacking, packing, loading, and unloading CNC machines in different industries and material handling.


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Model CW-001
Rated payload 800 kg
Velocity with rated payload 1.2 m/s
Pose repeatability +/-0.01mm
Max rated travel 20m
motor ABB servo motor 5kw
Robots of the payload 10 ~ 425kg

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