🌟Welcome Wen Hua Elementary School to Chuwei Technology🌟

2023.05.19 Announcement


During this visit, the children showed great curiosity and enthusiasm for technology! Their questions and interactions have deeply impressed us, showcasing their focus on innovation and the future.

We hope this visit provided an opportunity for a deeper understanding of the automation industry while igniting their interest in robots and automation, allowing those who are fascinated by robots to discover their talents at an early stage.

The event featured various automation solutions applied in industries, such as the ABB delta robot, ABB six-axis robotic, and B&R Supertrack. The children also had the opportunity to operate the robot and perform dragon and lion dances, as well as experience the clean room. Finally, we presented customized souvenirs from Chuwei Technology, hoping that this visit would become an important milestone in their learning and growth.

event photos
supertrak ABB機械手臂 機械手臂 雷射雕刻機 自動化設備 企業參訪 巨緯科技